Saturday, July 10, 2010


Kaia still loves swimming! I really think she could stay at the pool all day, every day. She likes to take short breaks to sit on her chair and eat a snack, but then she's right back in the pool. She likes to crawl in the shallow end like an alligator, moving her arms saying, "look mom, I'm swimming." I think she'll be a great swimmer in no time.

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Weekend, 2010 - continued

Since it was too cold this 4th of July to go swimming, we went to the zoo instead. It was a great day - not too hot! A lot of the animals were out and we went and saw the bird show, which Kaia thought was pretty cool. She loves the baby elephant and after she pointed out the mommy, she asked, "where's the daddy?" How do parents answer these tough questions?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 4th Weekend, 2010

We started out the weekend of July 4th with the Kaysville 10K. My sister Becca and I ran it while Chris, Caden and Kaia saved a spot at the parade. It was Becca's first 10K and she did awesome, finishing in just over an hour! Kaia thought the race was pretty cool and insisted on running through the finish line like all the other runners. I think we might have a mother/daughter running team pretty soon!

Go Becca!

The parade was a lot of fun. Tons of candy for the kids and the weather was PERFECT! It was the first 4th of July I remember that wasn't blazing hot! It actually made our outdoor BBQ's a bit too chilly and swimming was definitely out. But it was a great holiday weekend.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

MS Bike Event

Brian and I rode in the MS bike event. It was held in Logan and all of the proceeds went to research to cure MS. I raised $380 and Brian raised $310. Thanks to all the friends and family who donated! I wasn't sure I could raise any money, so I was shocked by the generosity of all of my peeps. It was a really fun ride. Brian and I rode 100 miles together, which was really nice of Brian, and made it go by super fast. I'm definitely addicted to these 100 mile rides - they are so fun!

Our friends Jacque and Nat offered to watch Kaia for us during the ride, and we are so grateful to them! Kaia had such a great time with them and their daughters Tess and Shae. It was such a fun weekend!

Friday, June 11, 2010


The cousins took a trip the Bean Museum! Wow - that really brought back memories! We thought about going to a park - but it was another weird cold June day. Kaia kept asking to "pet" the animals. I'm not sure if she thought it was weird that none of them actually moved, but she seemed pretty entertained. We went to lunch a Brick Oven - a must while in Utah County!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Little Red Riding Hood

So, last minute I decided I was going to do the Little Red Riding Hood, an all-women 100 mile bike event in Logan. Two of my riding friends, Loni and Becky, were doing it and they told me it was the premier bike event - not to be missed. So I thought, why not! I wasn't sure if I could do 100 miles - but once I started I figured I would try and go for it. It was amazingly doable. At mile 75 I wasn't sure I would make it, but I caught a second wind at mile 85 and felt great at the end. Loni and Becky and their group made room for me in their car and hotel and they were so supportive of me along the way - I'm so greatful to them! It was so much fun - 3,000 women participated. The rest stops every 10-15 miles were fully stocked with yummy food, water, shot blocks, drink mix, bathrooms and happy, friendly volunteers. Lunch rocked at the "Newton Park" (I got to know a whole different side of Cache County than I did while going to USU - all of the small, small towns and farm country) with Subway sandwiches, cookies and fruit! At the finish there was even a chocolate fountain! It's all about the food, isn't it? The event organizers definitely know what women want!

My hubby was so great and took care of Kaia overnight and brought her up the next day to the finish. Our friends Jacque and Nat, who live in Logan, also came out - which was so cool of them to drop their whole day and hang out with us! It was so good to see them!

This is Tess (Jac & Nat's oldest) holding hands with Kaia - so cute!

Here's Tess and Shae (Jac & Nat's youngest). Shae is a mini-Jac - so laid back and friendly and happy! What cute sisters!
We had a BBQ that night with Sam and Kacie in their beautiful backyard. The kids played (and fought) - it was so much fun to see everyone!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Daybreak Triathlon

The Daybreak Triathlon could have been an awesome event, if the weather had cooperated!!! A storm blew in the night before and dropped the temperature into the 40's. That is not outdoor swimming weather! The water temperature of Daybreak lake was reported to be about 57. All I can say is it felt like I was swimming in ICE water! I could not catch my breath and I could barely put my face in the water without inhaling it. When I got done with the swim my feet were numb, and I did not regain feeling until I finished the run! It was FREEZING! We were really lucky that it didn't actually rain on us. The bike and the run were a piece of cake. I thought, hey, maybe I should have done the Olympic distance, but then I thought, no, you couldn't pay me to do that swim again!!!